Iperion Business Process OptimizationInformation is the key ingredient to good decision making in organizations. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time is the challenge that business processes need to support. Business processes are often the result of historical developments in a company and as a result do not adequately support business needs, let alone prepare a company for future developments.

Many businesses rely on bringing in new technology to compensate for failing processes. The reality is that large investments in information technology will fail when not embedded in robust processes. Iperion Business Process Optimization is about the realization that Information Systems are about Processes and Organization just as much as they are about Information and Technology.

Practical Business Goals

Business Process Optimization need to be about practical business goals:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your workforce and reducing training burden through rationalization of your quality management system
  • Improve the quality of the data underlying your decisions by establishing robust data governance that works
  • Effortless excellence and compliance as a result of practical accessibility and unlocking of your procedures
  • Reduce workload with automation developed from the user perspective
  • Eliminate waste in your processes, to free up capacity for strategic advances

How to over come management / organizational challenges?

Business Process Optimization should be a continuous process. However, there are particular challenges that benefit from extra support:

  • Increasing inside and outside pressure to improve data quality for decision making and compliance.
    Iperion can support you with set up robust data governance for your regulated information.
  • Coping with rising workload by reducing procedure related administrative burden on your team.
    Iperion can support you with simplification, rationalization and improvement of procedures and deploying effective automation.
  • Need for new or upgraded Information Technology.
    Iperion can support you with introducing a robust and improved quality management framework to support the new technology.
  • Embedding new external requirements (like IDMP/SPOR, CT Results Reporting, Serialization).
    Iperion can support you with creating new and re-engineered processes around the new requirement.
  • Compliance issues related to organizational silos.
    Iperion can support you with redirecting the organization along lines of process excellence.
  • Complicated on-boarding of new personnel and achieving procedural compliance.
    Iperion can support you with unlocking procedural documentation in an effective and user-friendly manner.

Iperion support on business process optimization

QMS Rationalization

  • Detangle quality critical steps and practical instructions
  • Clarify and introduce logical and intuitive linking between the documents that make up your quality management system
  • Push details down and basic principles up in the quality document hierarchy
  • Reduce or eliminate redundancy and duplication among procedures

Data Governance

  • Establish ownership and stewardship of your data and convert it from data to information to knowledge
  • Map roles and responsibilities, information elements, processes to identify and navigate dependencies
  • Introduce controls on your data quality
  • Set up procedures and organization to manager your data as the valuable resource it is

Information Handbook

  • Document the flow of critical information elements through your organization
  • Get oversight of the interrelations between organizational dimensions (organizational structures and roles, information systems, processes) and your information
  • Implement intuitive navigation of the organizational dimensions to help your organization get to the right information at the right time

Automation implementation

  • List requirements for and select automation tooling
  • Re-build procedures that incorporate new automation
  • Implement and evaluate automation and supporting procedures

Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy aims to improve the life sciences industry in the areas of compliance, application of information systems and process optimization.

Duncan van Rijsbergen

Duncan van Rijsbergen

Associate Director Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy

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