Looking for smart and practical solutions that help you improve your business processes?

Digital health care is upcoming and involves the use of information and communication technologies to help address the health problems and challenges faced by patients. We provide products and services that will support the successful completion of these new developments.

How does GMP-Z influence your applications?

Are you dealing with  applications that, are patient related, used in processes and are described in the GMP guidelines? These must be, in case of Dutch legislation, validated according to the GMP-Z, an interpretation of the GMP principles for specific situations in a hospital’s pharmacy. Our team of consultants, engineers, and project managers, are excellently trained in regulatory compliance, safety, and quality. They can assist you with the validation of your applications.

Struggling with qualifying your IT Infrastructure?

With the use of more information and communication technologies, more specific patient related software applications will become available and the data generated by them needs to be stored, analysed, and archived. Such validated applications could be operated using cloud computing. We can provide you with a qualified IT infrastructure on which your application can be installed.

Our GxP cloud computing service is also available when you would like to outsource your complete IT infrastructure. For a total peace of mind, outsourcing of ICT to Iperion, professional partner with excelent expertise in GxP cloud computing, is an outcome.