Iperion is an international consultancy firm with headquarters in The Netherlands and experienced in regulatory information management at both pharmaceutical companies and regulators.

We advise you in the transition from paper to data driven operations, making use of data standards to increase interoperability and secure the availability, quality and integrity of data.

We can advise throughout the process from assessment until implementation.

How can we help you plan your digitalization?

Is all your data available and IDMP ready?

Standardised data, integrated within your business processes,
delivering business benefits and compliance

IDMP allows for:

  • Standardised organization-wide product information
  • Future compliance with regulation
  • Increased utilization of data

Iperion believes that implementation of IDMP is crucial for both the pharmaceutical industry as well as the Health Authorities. IDMP is more than just a global standard for exchange of medicinal product and substance information, it’s an enabler and catalyst for digitalization. IDMP is already impacting the Health Care world!

We can help you with:

  1. Assess your readiness for IDMP
  2. Develop an IDMP strategy and IDMP roadmap
  3. Implement solutions to achieve business benefits and compliance

Can you rely on your data?

Business critical data with clear ownership and definitions,
based on enforced rules,
sensible management and proper data quality oversight

Data Governance allows for:

  • Confidence in your data and metrics
  • Reducing costs on costly data clean-ups
  • Proper management of data

Iperion believes that high quality data is an organizational asset which needs to be managed proactively. A solid data governance framework will result in overall management of the availability, usability, integrity and security of data within the organization. As a niche player in the market we have the in depth understanding of the content of the business and the nuances this brings to the managed data. Iperions Data Governance supports in establishing the necessary building blocks that will help future-proof drive data management across your organization.

We can help you with:

  1. Assessing your data governance needs
  2. Defining your data governance framework
  3. Implementing your data governance framework

Is your RIMS future proof?

The right decision
based on the right information
in the right format
at the right time

Structured Product Information allows for:

  • Better oversight
  • Faster information retrieval and sharing
  • Fact- based decision making
  • Compliance with regulations such as xEVMPD, IDMP and UDI

A Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS) allows for storing, maintaining, exchanging and reporting on Regulatory Structured Product Information. Iperion strongly believes that having a RIMS in place that contains high quality data and supports your core business processes will ultimately bring value to your organisation. As a niche player in this market we have specialized in setting up these systems in companies willing to make the move to a better, digital future.

We can help you with:

  1. Selecting the right RIMS
  2. Successfully implementing a new RIMS
  3. Improving your current RIM processes and data quality

Are all repetitive processes automated?

Business Process Optimization
Business processes that support business needs,
improve data quality and
prepare for future developments

Business Process Optimisation allows for:

  • Increased workforce effectiveness
  • Reduced workload with automation
  • Reduced training burden

The Iperion vision for Business Process Optimisation is to have processes run smoothly providing you with the information you need at the right time, ensuring that your information systems have a robust platform to run on and reduce the administrative pressure on your teams, in order to realize your organisation’s innovative abilities in pursuit of patient wellbeing. From automation, through rationalisation to full out re-engineering, Iperion’s Business Process Optimisation supports in breaking through the bottleneck of operational demands preventing you from reaching your goals for process improvement.

We can help you with:

  1. Assessing and (re-) engineering process flows
  2. Developing procedural documents
  3. Implementing the (re-) engineered processes


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