Icon-ERP-RIM-CCSAll pharmaceutical companies will recognize Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) as the heart of their manufacturing processes. Ingredient, the amounts used in the products, storage, manufacturing processes and analysis certificates are vital data used to maintain the quality and consistency of life-saving drugs.

Why link ERP with RIM?

Changes to ERP data need to be strictly managed, as many changes need to go through the regulatory approval processes, which are typically tracked in a Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS). Thus, ERP, change control and RIMS needs to be integrated to ensure the quality of changes. However for many companies, such systems still exist in silos maintained by expensive and error-prone manual processes.

Benefits of ERP-RIM integration

  • An automated connection between these three systems would facilitate quality improvement, speedy and consistent management of changes through the full cycle of requests, change control, regulatory approval and implementation
  • QPs would have timely and reliable information to quickly release products
  • Approvals would instantaneously be available to manufacturing for implementation
  • The gap between manufacturing and dossier data disappears

With our in-depth hands-on experience, Iperion can support in scaling the challenges, in order for you to step toward effortless quality.

Iperion support on ERP-RIM

Data model mapping between ERP, RIM and CCS
Business process alignment and integration
IT strategy and solution architecture
Data quality assessment
Webinar Materials: 7 December 2017

Frits Stulp

Managing Director Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy

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