Icon-Structured-AuthoringA common practice within the automotive industry, structured authoring (SA) is making its way towards the life sciences industry, particularly in the area of clinical and regulatory, where processes involve numerous documents, typically in different versions, prone to risks of inconsistency. By means of available SA tools, such compliance risks can be addressed, a transition towards structured driven processes.

What is structured authoring?

Structured Authoring is a workflow that allows the life cycle management of information within documents. The purpose of structured Authoring (SA) is to create documents in the most efficient and accurate way, based on defined content rules.

Benefits of structured authoring

  • Possibility to reuse content
  • Connect similar elements between documents with ease
  • Prevent data duplication
  • Improve consistency and quality between documents

Iperion support on structured authoring

Awareness and training
Vendor selection
Program development, setup and execution
Strategy and solution architecture
Structured Authoring implementation

Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy aims to improve the life sciences industry in the areas of compliance, application of information systems and process optimization.

Webinar Materials: 16 January 2018
Sara Berdajs

Sara Berdajs

Consultant Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy

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